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Beauty Articles
Drink Water
Drink Plenty of water to keep you healthy and your skink glowing.
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Yoga makes your skin glow
Unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyle leading to proper blood circulation and accumulation of toxins in our blood, poor digestion...
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Sunglasses for good looks
A pair of sunglasses is just two pieces of tinted acrylic glass embedded in a plastic or metal frame for some, yet it is more than that for...
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Right Posture to look attractive
A great personality is always looked upon with vivid grooming aspects. One is watched over his standing and sitting posture...
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Skin and Glow
Face is the index of mind. A beautiful face attracts everyone in first instance. Harmful ultraviolet rays of sun are the biggest enemy...
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Use of Mehandi to look beautiful
Mehandi is an integral part of every traditional Indian ceremonies and is fast becoming part of kitty parties, birthday parties too...
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Make up for wedding day
Wedding day starts a new journey of women’s life. Every girl wants and feels like on top of the world on her D-Day. She is the centre of attraction...
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Men - makeup
These days, makeup is not a women’s forte at all. Men are becoming very cautious for their looks…with credit to smooth shaved handsome looks of ramp models and chocolaty...
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Taking care of Hands and Legs
Celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Top Model winners sport shiny legs and hands giving a lust to everyone to have the same. The first and foremost requirement before applying makeup...
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Use Pedicures to look beautiful
Pedicure is a treatment for having good looking legs. Like manicure both genders equally goes for pedicure. Pedus means Legs and Cura means cure in Latin. Here in this article...
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Manicures role in beauty
The word manicure is composed of two Latin words "manus" meaning hands and "cura" meaning care. Everyone irrespective of sex desires to have a soft, attractive hands...
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Smile Benefits
A quote from Denis Waitley says “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” This thought is accepted worldwide by doctors...
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Women Hairstyles
Women’s sector is the avenue that has a wide variety in all aspects ranging from clothes to shoes to accessories and even haircuts...
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For different occasions
Although "beauty is skin deep" just right make up add to your appearance. Makeup can make a woman elegant and give her...
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Prepare to look beautiful
There is no secret behind putting on make-up but applying make-up is about knowing how make-up works...
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Makeup for Lips
Glossy and luscious lips provoke sex appeal. A smile with brightly colored youthful lips enhances your appearance...
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Makeup for eyes
Eyes are the most beautiful and precious gift that god has given us. Eyes have their importance felt in expressing emotions be it love...
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Camouflage Makeup
Camouflage make-up or corrective make up tends to highlight a person's best features to make a beautiful woman more beautiful...
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Select right Parlour
Use following checklist to select a right beauty parlour for your need.
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Body Piercing
Every human strives for better beauty by using the soothing attire, matching accessories, stunning jewelries, bright cosmetics...
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Body Art
Body art is very broad term which includes ear piercing to a funky tattoo, painting or you can say everything related to skin...
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Other Articles
Traditional Dresses for Indian Women
India is the colorful land with the assortment of diverse religions, cultures and traditions. Even the landscape of the country
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Fashionable Winter Wear for Ladies
The thought of winter idealize about delicious sweets and smoking roadside snacks but that is not all it also brings worry about
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Summer Wear for an outdoor affair
Gotta invitation to a wedding in summer or have to attend some formal party??? Every occasion should be matched
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Beat the heat with Summer Clothing
Summer is round the corner and this is time to check out your summer wardrobe. Just wrapping your body in
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Accessories according to Body Shape
Now-a-days people of all the ages are becoming very conscious about their looks! Being presentable and up-to-date is need of the hour.
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Diamonds that touch the heart
As women hear of Diamond its glitter can be clearly seen in her eyes. A diamond is forever. Since very old days Diamonds have been an asset
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