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Body Jewelry

Jewelry is the most commonly used options for beauty enhancement largely by females. Even males also use jewelry to some extent but a particular kind of jewelry is commonly used by both the sexes. This category of jewelry includes Body Jewelry. Body Jewelry is the particular type of jewelry which is adorned directly into the skin unlike common jewelries which are worn around wrists, fingers, ankle or neck.

Body jewelry can be worn after opting for a bit painful kind of body art called body piercing. Body piercing is a body art including puncturing a minute hole in any permissible organ of the body by the help of sharp needle, followed by wearing exotic piece of jewelry into that.

Body Jewelry is not a new phenomenon but it has been used through centuries but now a day's youth are getting more attracted towards this particular kind of body charm. Number of body jewelries worn represents the royal status of the wearer.

Various body organs ranging from most common ear lobes and nose to ear cartilages, nose septum, lips, tongue, eyebrow, nasal bridge, nipple, navel, male genitalia, female genitalia etc are decked with beautiful pieces of jewelries.

Different kinds of body jewelry commonly used are bars and rings. Bars are generally used in few piercings like tongue and are measured along the length. Long bars are used for new piercings while short ones after completely healing of piercing. Rings are measured by diameter.

Body Jewelry is also measured in terms of Gauge which is the measuring unit of the body jewelry. Gauge refers to the thickness of the jewelry. The smaller the gauge number, thicker is the jewelry. It is advisable to wear body jewelry under 14 gauge values for piercings below the neck.

Body jewelries are not like common jewelries and need proper selection strategies for choosing one. As improper selections of body jewelry can cause severe complications like inaccurate jewelry material can stimulate immune system of body for foreign body reactions or incorrect sizes of jewelry can create problems during swelling of that organ.

One should go for jewelries made of non toxic materials as well the appropriate sizes which can accommodate the swelling that follows the piercing of the particular organ.

Implant grade stainless steel is best option in body jewelry as there are least chances of foreign body reaction or infection in the skin with this. American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) have approved 316L and 316LVM types of stainless steel as implant grade stainless steel for making body jewelry. One more advantage of choosing implant grade stainless steel is its reasonable price.

Other safe options for body jewelry metal are 18 karat gold for new piercings, 14 karat gold can be used for healed piercings, titanium or niobium but all these are costlier than implant grade stainless steel. Sterling silver can be used in organs without moisture but its use should be avoided in oral and genital piercings teflon or nylon piercings may be used for people sensitive to any kind of metal.

One should avoid silver body jewelry because it causes permanent darkness of the skin due to tarnish deposition. Even gold plated or white gold jewelries should also not be used.


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