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Benefits of Smile
Smily People A quote from Denis Waitley says “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.” This thought is accepted worldwide by doctors, spiritual masters and commoners too. Seeing scores of benefits of smiling numerous laughter clubs have come up. Smile is the priceless medicine.

Beautiful Smile
Beautiful Smile A small curve gives pleasure to both the originator of smile as well as the receiver. It sets a lot of problems of life. You feel more confident if you wear a beautiful smile. A smile is a simple yet important gesture that can increase your friend circle and help to succeed in career as well. Today people in America like countries go for smile correction to get a charming smile and thus enjoying its benefits. People admit that a plain face can be transformed into gorgeous one by the power of a smile. If you want to feel the difference just try to add a genuine smile to your face.

Sexy Smile
Sexy Smile A smile can be sexy. Having the mysterious smile on face increases a sex-appeal of women. A Smile not only feels and looks younger and more attractive; it also possesses several health benefits. Smile elevates the mood. As you wake up in the morning and see a smiling face your entire will be full of new vigor and its not only your day but also day of other people will be brighter too. Research Report of The British Dental Health Foundation too supports the fact saying, smiling gives energy that equals to eating 2000 chocolate bars.

Health benefits of smile
Health benefits of smile Optimistic and smiling people show strong immunity to diseases and effectively fight illness better than pessimists. A University of Michigan professor, Christopher Peterson says that optimistic attitude is linked with good health. People who have optimistic attitude take better care of themselves. They like to do things differently which are associated with fitness.

Smile As Natural Drug
smile as natural drug If someone have high Blood Pressure problem have measure BP when he is frown and then after he is having a laugh. See the difference in readings. There is a measurable reduction in blood pressure. Smile is a natural pain reliever as it releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. Thus smiling is a natural drug that makes you feel good.

Smile As Mood Changer
smile as mood changer When you pass a friendly smile to even a stranger you surely will get it back. Here the smile serves two fold purpose. It not only boosts your own health but also a positive message to the receiver that have the potential of altering someone’s mood in a better way. A stranger to whom you passed smile may pass it further and the chain go on……

Smiling Person
Smiling Person A smiling person brings cheerfulness with him. Oodles of smile will make you centre of attraction and if you have ever smiling face you will definitely draw people to you.


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