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Finding right sunglasses for you
A pair of sunglasses is just two pieces of tinted acrylic glass embedded in a plastic or metal frame for some, yet it is more than that for today’s fad women. These glasses have effect on your eye health and also they make you look stylish.

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for everybody. Oversized and brown tinted glasses are a craze. However there is much to look for except fashion before picking up a pair of sunglasses.

Characteristic of Sunglasses
Most important function of Sunglasses is to provide protection from ultraviolet rays of sun which might otherwise damage the cornea and the retina.

Sunglasses reduce the glare or intensity of light to enter eyes and thus saves retina from possible damage.

A sunglass that compliments your shape of the face, skin tone, hair colour etc. adds up to the stylish looks.

UV protection
The first thing to look out before buying a designer sunglasses from market is if they are providing 99 – 100 percent protection from UVB and UVA rays. Normally, a set of sunglasses are tagged with the amount of safety it provides.

Colour of the lens
Lenses are either coated with anti-reflective coating or they are polarized. Thus it cuts down the light glare.

The amount of light reflected and absorbed greatly varies from one shade to other. Grey lenses, for instance, decrease brightness, whereas brown or amber decrease glare, yellow lenses, decrease haze and rose coloured lenses add to disparity.

When we talk about frames, two things should be kept in mind- material of the frame and frame according to shape of the face.

Material:A statement of style together with functionality makes a class pair of designer sunglasses.

Usually, designer sunglasses have polycarbonate; lightweight plastic frames that are available in different styles and colours. Glasses with metal frames are still a classic choice. Frameless glasses available are subtle, sophisticated and chic. It is a great choice for someone who does not like others see in her glasses. They give soft feminine look.

Titanium frames are good for sports eyewear. Similarly plastic frames are good to bear thick lenses and also they hide the thickness of lenses. Tinted and flash-coated lenses with complementing frame colour have celebrity appeal, creating a modern, trendy look.

Shape: The frame that suits your friend’s face or Julia Roberts may not be one for you. Different frame shapes suit different face shapes better.

Rounded or oval frames gives softness to square face shapes. The size of the frame should be more or less the equal size of the face. Squared or rectangular frames look better on people with round or oval face shapes as these provide definition to soft, rounded features. The frame should be slightly larger than your face. Large frames look great on Triangular Face.

When you are trying on glasses, make sure that they fit your face well.

Questions to think for a second
You should consider hairstyles that you wear most often, color of the eye, hair and your skin tone.

Where do you want to wear the glasses matters a lot. If it is for wearing at work the frame should be simple and conservative. For evenings and weekends the frame need a more bold, ultra-modern and ultra-feminine style.


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