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Pedicure Tips
Pedicure is a treatment for having good looking legs. Like manicure both genders equally goes for pedicure. Pedus means Legs and Cura means cure in Latin. Here in this article we present to you the tips for achieving a professional looking pedicure at home. With the help of basic things like Pumice stone, cotton balls, emory board, Cuticle remover, Orange stick, nail polish, Dish pan, Towels, moisturizing Lotion pedicure is done at home. This entire procedure takes about an hour and its effect remains for about 2 weeks.

Remove Old Nail Polish
Remove any old nail polish with nail polish remover.

Soak Your Feet
Fill the dishpan with warm soapy water and soak your feet for nearly five minutes in it.

Apply Cuticle Remover
Dry your foot and apply the cuticle remover to each nail. Wait for a minute then push the softened cuticle back with the help of wedged end of the orange stick.

Nail Clipper
Neatly cut the nails with nail clippers and file them with the emory board.

Nail Buffer
If needed use the nail buffer to smooth any roughness on the surface of the nails.

Rub Dead Skin Area
Rub the areas of dead skin gently with the pumice stone dipped in soapy water. Rinse the feet and dry.

Apply Moisturizer
Apply a moisturizing lotion generously to the foot, massaging it.

Toe Separator
Insert cotton ball or Toe separator in between toes.

Apply Base Coat
Apply a coat of base coat over each nail.

Apply Nail Color Coat
After drying apply 2 coats of the nail color.

Finish Applying Top Coat
Finish off with applying the top coat.


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