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Mehandi- Colour of love
Mehandi is an integral part of every traditional Indian ceremonies and is fast becoming part of kitty parties, birthday parties too. Intricate Mehandi patterns in its rich dark brown colour looks stunning on the hands and feet of Indian bride.

Temporary tattoos are created by black heena as well as traditional brown Mehandi.

The leaves of heena plant are dried and ground into a fine powder. This powder is mixed with water, eucalyptus oil, tea, coffee, and lime and then beautiful designs are made either through thin stick or cone.

Bridal Mehandi- Mehandi is a most auspicious jewelleries of a married woman. The ancient Indian body art of Mehandi involves making elaborate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body; especially hands and feet of Indian bride. Henna symbolizes fertility and love between husband and wife. Mehandi is applied to both bride and groom. The name of the groom is interwoven in the Mehandi of the bride which he is expected to find in it. If he fails to do so, it is said that, the bride will control the marriage.

Beautiful traditional ethnic Indian designs are popular choice for bridal Mehandi. Now a days fashionista brides are opting for contemporary designs of Mehandi besides the usual traditional ones. The traditional designs include Baraat, Doli, Kalash, Peacock, leaves or flowers.

Mehandi for Party
Henna is used as cosmetic and used to decorate oneself for parties too, like festivals Karva Chauth, Raksha Bandhan, Eid and even for Valentines Day bash, a formal party or even an evening at a disco. In US also it is becoming a fashion statement and is adorned on birthday parties, opening ceremonies, promotions, fashion shows, school/college carnivals, henna parties, vacation, therapy, weekend parties etc.

Heena Tattoos
Women are using heena tattoos on arm, wrist, ankles or around the navel. Men too look up to it for making temporary tattoos. Today brides also opt for Arabic designs, ornamental designs and tattoo like motifs. Black heena is usually used to draw these tattoos but you must be cautious that as black heena consists of PPD it is bad for your health.

Types of henna designs
There are three main types of designs: African, Arabic and Indian

African designs: Bold floral and geometrical patterns in thick lines are the characteristics of African Mehandi.

Arabic Designs: The maximum part of hand or feet is left blank. The design usually runs diagonally in thin and dark lines. Arabic Mehandi Designs includes vines and leaves with beautiful flowers.

Indian henna: Indian Mehandi is most complicated and elaborate types of designs; the The fine lines make the typical Indian ritualistic patterns.

To add glamour to your Mehandi glitters, gems of different colours matching to the outfits are used. Dazzling Glitter henna is the latest craze of the fashion world because it stays as long as it is not washed.

Colour of love
Henna is a natural dye. The richness of the color varies according to the warmth or energy of an individual. High on energy or more the body temperature, the darker the colour of Mehandi comes out on the skin. The pretty much famous saying tells “The darker the colour the more your husband loves you!”


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