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Manicure Tips
The word manicure is composed of two Latin words "manus" meaning hands and "cura" meaning care. Everyone irrespective of sex desires to have a soft, attractive hands and clean groomed nails….so they see manicure as the solution for this. Its not necessary to go beauty parlor to get it done but you can do it as and when you get time at home also. Here we give you tips for a professional manicure at the cost of just a few pennies and your time.

Shapeup Your Nails
Firstly shapeup your nails according to the shape of the finger. File the nails with back and forth strokes on emory board.

Soak Hands
Take a bowl of warm water and add shampoo to make it soapy. Soak hands in it for 5-10 minutes to soften dry skin and rough cuticles.

Remove dead skin cells
Exfoliate with a good exfoliater as a mixture of soap and salt or sugar. This will remove old, dead skin cells. Rinse hands.

Dry hand
Pat dry hands with a clean towel.

Cuticle Pusher
Push the soften cuticles with cuticle pusher or orange stick. Clean underneath the nails too with cuticle pusher.

Apply Hand Lotion
Apply hand lotion in generous amount and massage with it so that your skin absorbs it well.

Wipe Off Extra Lotion
Wipe off the extra lotion with a clean, dry towel.

Nail Polish
Apply nail polish of your choice.

Manicure Treatment
Manicure treatment once a week keeps hands look healthier and younger.

French Manicure
A new version of manicure treatment has also come up these days, known as French manicure. Mostly it is recommended when you want immediately cleansed hands as you have to hurriedly move to a party.


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