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Makeup for Hands and Legs
Shiny Legs And Hands
Celebrities from Jessica Simpson to Top Model winners sport shiny legs and hands giving a lust to everyone to have the same. The first and foremost requirement before applying makeup is to shave and exfoliate legs and hands for maximum shine.

Moisturizing Oil
Application of Body gloss make legs polished and gleam. So it is must to apply some moisturizing oil followed by Body Gloss with a touch of shimmer for that shiny appearance to legs and hands. A body lotion with shimmer base gives a sheen look. A number of products with a shimmer base, such as shimmer foundation, shimmer gold eye shadow; highlighting sticks.... are available in the market that can be used easily by just mixing it with any basic lotion.

Plumpy Legs
If someone has plumpy legs application of highlighter along your shin bones and up the center of your thighs reflect light and thus make legs seem thinner.

Nail Polish
The easiest makeup for hands and legs is Nail polish. Clean, shape and file nails before applying nail polish. The color should be according to time and occasion like, for Glossy and shinny look Deep and dark colors; pink, light brown and soft red colors are perfect for daytime and vibrant colors are for parties.


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