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Make up for Night
Nights give naughty thoughts of unleashing your naked desires with your husband. The darkness of night is even sexier and hot when the beautiful wife draped in sexy dress and makeup gives a new dimension to sensuality.

There are two different types of makeup, one worn during the daytime, and another in night. When going for a night out remember to go for heavier make-up. Apply a tinted foundation or pancake according to the type of skin. Then spread on cream based blush on the cheeks, nose and chin. A hint of highlighter on the bridge of nose, temples and chin gives mystic radiance to your face. Smokey eyes look great at night. Start applying grey or eye shadow matching your dress from the middle of your upper lid to the brow end.

Moisturizer acts as primer for applying make up. Experiment with putting on makeup of different hues and color combinations.

Sexy Night Makeup for Every Age

Makeup highlighting smoky eyes and glossy pink lips will make the dark environment more romantic. Your beauty will make your hubby or lover fall for you following your sex appeal and glamour. Here we give you tips for make up to look sexy at different ages.

20s: Eyes are the focus point of a face. To make the eyes look alert, bigger, brighter, and sparkling, apply pearly white, champagne, or silver shadow in the inner corners of the eyes.

Highlight the collarbone with a shimmery powder.

30s: Wear bold and bright lip color is the only key mantra.

Apply tinted moisturizer mixed with a shimmery illuminator to get a radiant effect.

40s: Colour your lips and cheek with flirty and feminine pink. To take hint from celebrities keep your blush same color as the shade of your lipstick.

To look hot and sultry apply black eyeliner into your inner rims, then merge a dark shadow along the lash lines. Coat the lashes with applying mascara.

50s: Complement the dramatic bold smoky eye with burgundy lips. Stick with matte shadow and creamy lipstick but avoid too much shimmer!!

Make up for Prom Night

The makeup for a prom evening is very important part of your night look. Makeup can make ordinary looking girl look extraordinary on this special night. Makeup should reflect enchanting, glamorous and radiant looks. Avoid wearing layers of make up just because you are going for a prom night. It would not make you look fashionable. Elegance is reflected in simplicity. Maintain a balance between eye and lip make up. If the eye make up is vibrant and elaborate, keep the lip colour subdued or vice versa.

Though the prom is a one night occasion but the style that one showcase on that night can make you everyone’s eye candy. There are no rules for prom make up; the key being experiment!! If you think brown eyeliner looks better don't stop…switch off from the routine black. Similarly the same applies to your eye shadow and lip colour too. Add something extra to your daily makeup for prom night makeup. Choose colours that are similar but add a little extra to your appearance like that just by adding little shimmer to the regular tawny eye shadow for prom eye make up look is enduring.


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