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Makeup There is no secret behind putting on make-up but applying make-up is about knowing how make-up works.
Though the basic principle of make-up technique remains the same, but a sense of demand of the occasion is important when you are applying make-up. In day, a heavy make-up looks un-natural and make you odd among others. It is best to wear minimal make-up to give a natural look. Following fundamental rules must be kept in mind while any type of make-up:
* Make-up in natural light coming from a window or under fluorescent lighting. Use a hand mirror for close work, like eye make-up.
* Cleanse tone and moisturize the skin 5 minutes before starting make-up after so that skin settles before make-up.
* Plan your look before beginning and then proceed accordingly.
* Use natural and light make-up in day.
* Use heavy or dark make-up in night.
After concerning above thing start your makeup for day time:
* Moisturize your skin with good moisturizer and blend it evenly on face and neck. Dab compact powder and foundation darker than your skin color.
* Draw a line with a black eyebrow pencil or liquid eye-liner from the inner corner of the eye, keeping in line with the curve of the lower eyelid and going up gradually.
* Apply a little mascara on the eyelashes and finish by applying a smooth eye-shadow. Hint of rouge is sufficient to make your cheeks rosy.
* Now apply lipstick matching your dress and complexion.
Night make-up can be a bit heavy for that you must do the following:
* Form a base for make-up with a tinted foundation for a dry skin and pancake for an oily skin.
* Apply Cream rouge or Blush-on on cheek bones, nose, chin and forehead.
* Make a correct color frosted eye-shadow, keeping in view the color of the clothes you are wearing.
* Apply light eye-shadow starting from the middle of your upper lid and finish under the brow end.
* Draw eye-liner over the upper lid, keeping as close as possible to the eyelashes. If needed use false eyelashes available in nearby market. Apply mascara after sticking false lashes.
* Powder your face. Finish off with lipstick. Don’t forget to apply same facial make-up to the neck.
* Give a touch of highlighter on the nose and at the temples, a bit on the chin gives a glow at night.
Here is a step guide for coping with the lack of time.
* Put a tonic lotion or cold water on your face, wet a face cloth and pat your face briskly with it. Then dry it without rubbing.
* Spray your face with rose water and let it dry naturally.
* Apply a moisturizing lotion.
* Spread over your face a liquid foundation but not necessary…just powder your face.
* Apply mascara to the outer edges of your eyelashes and with a very fine line, draw the eyeliner along the roots of the lashes.
* Brush your eyebrows with castor oil.
* Outline lips with a lip brush, press your lips on absorbent paper and fill in with lipstick.
* Dab cold water on your powdered face with a damp face cloth, this will give a natural brightness to your complexion.
* Comb your hair neatly, and you are ready for the show.


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