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Art of Body Piercing
Woman with body piercing Every human strives for better beauty by using the soothing attire, matching accessories, stunning jewelries, bright cosmetics. One such option in the list is body art which includes body painting, body tattooing and body piercing. Body piercing is an unusual kind of body art which includes piercing a hole through the skin and getting adorn with a beautiful piece of jewelry in that.

The art of body piercing is practiced world wide and is practiced on persons of both fairer and darker sex and even kids too get their body parts pierced for better looks. The trend is getting more popular among western teenagers from last one decade, who goes for piercing almost any body organ where the art can be executed.

The most conventional form of piercing includes ear piercing. Puncturing hole in the ear lobe is being practiced in almost all communities, even both males and females go for ear piercing. The practice of piercing ear ranges from person to person, some go for single ear piercing while other opt for both ears., some like single hole in ear lobes while others go for multiple holes along the rim of ear lobes. Now a days, youth even opt for piercing ear cartilage.

Apart from ears, different body organs generally pierced are nose, nose septum, lips, tongue, eyebrow, nasal bridge, nipple, navel, male genitalia, female genitalia etc. Piercing is considered the symbol of novelty among teenagers; more piercing in any one’s body resembles his/her royal status. Body piercing is not just the matter of fun but requires sincere precautions while going for it as can cause severe complications.

Following are the guidelines to be kept in mind while opting for Body Piercing:

* Always go for proper research and select the best professional centre for piercing any organ.
* Piercing should not be carried without the permission of your personal family doctor who knows your medical history.
* Germicidal soap should be used at the area of piercing.
* Always go for sterilized and sharp needle for puncturing and sterilized jewelry too.
* Always follow all the professional instructions without any negligence, for healing the pierced area in the required time.
* One should be more conscious while opting for oral piercing as can cause many oral problems later.
* Never let the piercing person use the “piercing gun” as these can’t be sterilized and can carry forward harmful infections like AIDS.
* Correct size body jewelry should be selected for particular organ as can cause swelling and pain.

In case, if above guidelines are not carried seriously then can cause rigorous risks and complications apart from normal problems of pain and swelling as under:
* chronic infection
* uncontrollable or prolonged bleeding
* scarring
* hepatitis B and C
* tetanus
* skin allergies to the jewelry that's used
* abscesses or boils (collections of pus that can form under your skin at the site of the piercing)
* inflammation or nerve damage


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